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September 05, 2020

Dream Nails album is sensational - and we demand you listen to it :-)

Sounds a bit OTT right, but this Dream Nails album is fucking essential. A big full explosion of feminist punk ragejoy endorsed by, well, pretty much everyone. Adressing vital issues, this album contains sick surf riffs, melody to die for and ALL the fun. Do it. Do it now.  

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August 29, 2020

So you bought an Art Brut vinyl for Record Store Day!!! Awesome

You'll probably want to know who drew your sleeve. Well - kick on and you'll find out. Not every listing is complete. A few people wanted to remain anonymous and some don't have much of an online presence... But each of these was drawn by a real person, and they're all ace. As are you :D If you can, pop 'em a line - say hello. Oh, and thanks for buying. Enjoy! For us, this is the best version of Modern Art EVER. 

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