We've gone official at The Great Escape.... Exciting news, but here's why

13th April 2016

Alcopop! are moving to the 'official line up' at this year's Great Escape - and it's ace they're supporting the label. But we owe you an explanation as to why we're not running a free party this year - and here it is...

Sensible Record Labels Volume 2 out on Record Store Day

12th March 2016

Record Store Day is awesome, but it's so dominated by major label reissues and incredibly expensive records - and we wanted to do something about it. So we're curating this awesome 12" with some of our best label mates from Transgressive to Till Deaf Do Us Party... Read on

Brawler's debut album finally out on vinyl, a year on from Romantic Errors of our Youth

14th February 2016

It's been a while, but a year on from the original release of Romantic Errors of our Youth, Brawlers have finally hit wax... And the debut album is out on some seriously sexy vinyl. Reign in Blood Red and Black Splatter a go-go!

OhBoy! sign to Alcopop! and release Carrot and The Stick

27th January 2016

We've signed Northampton quintet OhBoy! And you'll understand EXACTLY why when you listen to their newest single. It's an utter banger and radio is getting VERY excited about it...

Alcopopalooza has sold out - but if you're coming, read this! It's the great Popalooza shirt swap

18th January 2016

This year we're swinging in a special mid-winter Alcopopalooza in mid January. Mainly because we all enjoy a party when it's crappy outside... But also because we want to do something a bit special with our pals at Till Deaf Do Us Party - who've had a rather ace idea...

Get Into Get Inuit on Radio 1, Radio X, 6 Music, MTV2, Apple Music and On Tour bloody everywhere...

14th January 2016

So that Get Inuit lot have had a pretty brilliant time of it over the last few weeks... And in after headlining Huw Stephen's latest sojourn to a packed out Social, W1, we reckon you should probably see the new video, and learn of them being all over the radio, TV, internet and your hearts, right?

Alcopop! sign Helen Love, and she releases a charity Christmas *SMASH*

11th December 2015

You know when you're just so excited about something you have to announce it yourself. Well - we've been MASSIVE fans of Helen Love since just about as long as we can remember... And now we get to do her 8th album! YEAAAHHHHH

QI Elves release 'No Such Thing As A Fish' on vinyl - 'cos they're the first Rockstar Podcast!

20th November 2015

After a full page in the NME, interview in Metal Hammer, live podcasting on The One Show, features in the Guardian and selling out their tour (amongst many other things) - The QI Elves finally release their debut rock star podcast record on Alcopop!

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Lemon Scorned

31st October 2015

It's Halloween, and because our pal Tom drew this hideously terrifying lemon, we thought we better do something to commemorate his excellence. So we made a compilation and did some stickers and badges... All are free, cos.... TREAT

Brawlers are off on tour with Lower Than Atantis, and doing a run of Scottish dates!

27th October 2015

"Hey Brawlers" someone once said... "Why don't you go home!" - well they never bloody go home is the news, because those boys love putting on ace shows for you. ALL THE TIME. Which is lovely of them....

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