We're all going to Y-Not

30th July 2015

Let's all go to Y-Not baby... It's been the best festival summer EVER right? Alcopopalooza/ 2K Trees/ Truck and now we head to Derbyshire with Snoop Dog. Who's in eh?

Fancy releasing with Alcopop! and Super Fan (sort of) for Casette Store Day

21st July 2015

This year we're looking to release the ultimate in collaborative mix tapes for Casette Store Day, and we're looking for 50 bands to be a part of it! Read on sugars...

Brawlers *STAR* in terrifying new Horror Movie

2nd July 2015

Well... Sort of! It looks like some seriously horrific stuff is going down in Leeds, and that bloody Brawlers record 'Romantic Errors of Our Youth' seems to be responsible. THERE ARE ZOMBIES ALL OVER THE PLACE!

It's that time of year again.... LET'S ALL GO TO ALCOPOPALOOZA

27th June 2015

Booze, sun, a magnificent free BBQ and all the best bands you can fit in a Windmill! 4th July see's us returning to Brixton for our annual summer shindig. Do come and join us while advance tickets are like, a fiver!!!

Brawlers get busy in Australia with Triple J // Hit Top 20 Most Played

21st June 2015

Nothing like a play on Triple J in Australia, though even better is getting on the playlist. Well, Brawlers did that alongside a hail of press down under, and now they're 19th most played track on the station! Probably ought to go and play there or something now...

Fight Like Apes hit number 3 in the Irish Album Charts (Oh, and NUMBER 1 in the indies)

17th June 2015

Chart success is NEVER something we started this label for, but by fuck we only bloody did it eh. Fight Like Apes, the greatest Irish band ever known, hit number 1 in the Irish indie charts and no. 3 in the charts proper. We celebrated hard with a Len balloon and several bottles of Hooch!

Fancy a Sensible Record Labels Test Pressing (1 of 5 in the world. Ever)

30th May 2015

We've had an absolutely awesome few months with new releases from the likes of Fight Like Apes, Brawlers, Get Inuit, Tellison, Rou Enter Shikari and more... So we're celebrating with a nice little competition to say thanks - and a sale of some nice older stuff too!

FIGHT LIKE APES Brand New Album for your listening/purchasing pleasure

21st May 2015

Fight Like Apes return with their newest album in god knows how long and it's a BLAZING triumph! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll immediately want to spin it again...

Fresh for Election Day! THE WIT AND WISDOM OF NIGEL FARAGE (with Shikari Sound System)

6th May 2015

Based on the magnificent Stiff Records parody of 1980 vs Ronald Reagan, we're releasing a General Election 7" - The Wit and Wisdom of Nigel Farage. Obviously it's blank!! Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari has made a tasty little ambient B-Side too :-) It's selling pretty damn fast too...

Brawlers off on tour in the UK and Europe with Set It Off whilst being playlisted on Triple J in Australia!

5th May 2015

It's been a pretty fine month for Brawlers... Smashing up main stages at festivals, getting out on tour with Milk Teeth, Max Raptor and Real Friends - and NOW SET IT OFF. They're also going down rather bloody well in Australia too!

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