QI Elves release 'No Such Thing As A Fish' on vinyl - 'cos they're the first Rockstar Podcast!

20th November 2015

After a full page in the NME, interview in Metal Hammer, live podcasting on The One Show, features in the Guardian and selling out their tour (amongst many other things) - The QI Elves finally release their debut rock star podcast record on Alcopop!

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Lemon Scorned

31st October 2015

It's Halloween, and because our pal Tom drew this hideously terrifying lemon, we thought we better do something to commemorate his excellence. So we made a compilation and did some stickers and badges... All are free, cos.... TREAT

Brawlers are off on tour with Lower Than Atantis, and doing a run of Scottish dates!

27th October 2015

"Hey Brawlers" someone once said... "Why don't you go home!" - well they never bloody go home is the news, because those boys love putting on ace shows for you. ALL THE TIME. Which is lovely of them....

Alcopop! sign The QI Elves (with a little help from Corey Taylor)

26th September 2015

"You can't put podcasts out on vinyl" they said. Yeah... Says who? It's our great pleasure to link up with the wonderful folk at QI to get their podcast out on vinyl in November, complete with the first 52 episodes to download. Champion :-) We even got Corey Taylor involved.

Alcopop! are taking on those cheeky scamps at Dog Knights Productions

19th September 2015

So we sent our intrepid reporter Josh to find out what the hell is going on. Hot on the heels of DIY Magazine, he took a listen to side A of the new split 12". Whether he listened to Sunrise Yellow or Sunset Orange we're not sure, but by got he gives a good summary.... Have a listen!

Get Inuit get all giddy with a new video, tour and EP

12th September 2015

Get Inuit get in front of a blue screen to create a wonderful video full of fizzing pop fun. They're fun chaps you see. Check it out!

New Tellison album 'Hope Fading Nightly' up for pre-order

7th September 2015

You better get ready Tellison fans, because like a boxer entering the ring, or a rock star being flown into a smoke-filled stage, Tellison's new album is about emerge from the glittering dust of the summer and roaring success of latest single Boy, and put you in a state of awe.

Brawlers hit the road with Allusondrugs in October

12th August 2015

Brawlers are hitting the road doncha know. This is awesome in itself, but what's even bloody better is that Allusondrugs are going with him. NICE!

We're releasing a 12" Vinyl with Dog Knights Productions - feat. JoFo, Doctrines, Playlounge and Doe

10th August 2015

Oh man we've been wanting to do something ace with Dog Knights Productions for some time - and as we're all massive vinyl nerds it just HAD to be a pretty record... What better than this stunner in Yellow and Orange featuring JoFo/Doe/Doctrines and Playlounge!!

We're all going to Y-Not

30th July 2015

Let's all go to Y-Not baby... It's been the best festival summer EVER right? Alcopopalooza/ 2K Trees/ Truck and now we head to Derbyshire with Snoop Dog. Who's in eh?

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