FIGHT LIKE APES Brand New Album for your listening/purchasing pleasure

21st May 2015

Fight Like Apes return with their newest album in god knows how long and it's a BLAZING triumph! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll immediately want to spin it again...

Fresh for Election Day! THE WIT AND WISDOM OF NIGEL FARAGE (with Shikari Sound System)

6th May 2015

Based on the magnificent Stiff Records parody of 1980 vs Ronald Reagan, we're releasing a General Election 7" - The Wit and Wisdom of Nigel Farage. Obviously it's blank!! Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari has made a tasty little ambient B-Side too :-) It's selling pretty damn fast too...

Brawlers off on tour in the UK and Europe with Set It Off whilst being playlisted on Triple J in Australia!

5th May 2015

It's been a pretty fine month for Brawlers... Smashing up main stages at festivals, getting out on tour with Milk Teeth, Max Raptor and Real Friends - and NOW SET IT OFF. They're also going down rather bloody well in Australia too!

Why is your website so empty Alcopop?

24th April 2015

Well... Funny you should ask :-) Sadly we were monumentally hacked by some odd type (god knows why - we're terribly indie) - who gleefully deleted every post on the site. It will all be going back up, but slowly as you might imagine!

We're releasing a 10 pound compilation for RSD with all our friends!

15th April 2015

We're psyched to announce that we're teaming up with 10 other amazing UK indie labels for a Record Store Day compilation! And it looks bloody LOVELY! 10 pounds RRP, hundreds of tracks, crushed vinyl in vinyl splatter. BUT HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Well - take a look...


3rd April 2015

The Brawlers album is here... To preorder, and it's one of the best things you'll hear all year. Time to soundtrack your summer yeah!

Waylayers On A Headline Tour In May And Out With To Kill A King in March

16th February 2015

Not content with announcing a sweet headline tour of the UK in May, Waylayers are also off out with To Kill A King in March, taking in Shepherd's Bush Arena - DAMN RIGHT

Get Inuit have frosty new 7"s and tees in the shop

6th February 2015

Get Inuit are one of this year's best bands. So much so that XFM named them as one of their Great Xpectations and Huw bloody LOVES 'em. That's why we're proud to be releasing this gorgeous debut single - on frosty 'eskimo' 7" #Mmmmm


25th December 2014

So as Christmas time comes around, we've posted Christmas cards to a load of you wonderful people. Do hope they get through OK, and thanks bloody LOADS for supporting us all year...

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