Meet our newest signing: Get Inuit #KentTouchThis

13th December 2014

We were recently delighted to add the super exciting, Huw Stephens' endorsed Get Inuit to the roster - and you'll be hearing the new EP in full come early 2015... We'd rather you met first though, so we sent our pal Josh to have a chat with Jamie from the band - and here's how it went!

Acollective release the video of the year?

25th November 2014

Putting vinyls in front of your face and taking photos is a damn hilarious thing to do! Acollective have created it into an artform. From #Sleeveface to #SleeveACE


19th November 2014

Fancy a job? Low pay, long hours, shitty customers and a hateful time from the moment you walk in the door... Well you should probably chat to a call centre. But if you fancy popping by and getting involved with Alcopop!, we promise dinosaurs, booze and a roller-coaster of joy*. *Maybe

We sign Get Inuit... Kent touch this!

19th November 2014

Have a listen to our newest signing, Get Inuit. Fresh from Kent we'll be releasing their debut EP on 7" in February - but these boys already sound ludicrously accomplished, and were recommended by Huw Stephens. He's oh so right.

Johnny Foreigner toured South Africa pretty hard...

11th November 2014

October 2014 and JoFo decided that an extensive tour of South Africa would be a good move. It clearly was, and over a couple weeks of packed houses, great shows and no doubt a few bottles of gin - they once again ruled an incredible country!

Brawlers are one of the 20 'Hottest Bands in the World Right Now'

30th October 2014

Man - it's a good day to be a Brawler! And now the 15th Hottest Band in the World are playing Electric Ballroom!

Gunning for Tamar Split - leave the punkest tee they've ever made!

30th October 2014

With much sadness and a touch of heartache, Alcopop! mainstays Gunning for Tamar have announced their split. Thanks for the memories Tamar kids...

So here's how Lomana LuaLua started Alcopop! Records

20th October 2014

So yesterday someone introduced me to Lomana Lua Lua on Twitter... I popped him a garbled 140-character tweet about how he was responsible for all things Alcopop! He replied (exciting) with a one character tweet '?' (less exciting), so I thought I probably better tell him why...

Emperor Yes and their 'Island Called Earth' vinyl, quite literally, from OUTER SPACE

2nd October 2014

I've had a real good time this year writing some articles on stuff for (good chaps) - and they asked me to pen something recently on vinyl, and why it's great. Here's a bit of the report, focusing on the INSANE new COSMIC meteorite infused record from Emperor Yes!

Waylayers seem to be enjoying their American tour - playing rad shows and dining well!

27th September 2014

With the boys hot on the tongues of all the hippest cats in the USA, previously charting in the Billboard Top 100, it seemed to make sense for Waylayers to don their stars and stripes bandanas (probably) and head to the States....

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