Lame-O join the johnny foreigner family! Hacksaw Duggan chants

24th July 2014

Yes - at last we've lept into bed with the awesome folk at Lame-O, who will be working with johnny foreigner in the States from now. Stereogum premiere and lots to come!

We came, we saw, we SLAYED Truck and 2000 Trees

22nd July 2014

Whether you bought a T Shirt or record, came by for a chat or popped along to see one or more of our stages/bands at either festival, massive thanks! You totally made it for us >>> This year's festival fun was pretty much the best of things... (No worst of things about it).

New site is up, alongside rad 5pound ALCOTIGER tees (for 24 hours only)

17th July 2014

Alcopop! put up a new site. You're looking at it.... :-D

Acollective get love in Uncut, NME, XFM and Q - out on tour in the UK

14th July 2014

NME say Acollective are now achieving recognition internationally for their colourful and clever gyspy-Radiohead sounds... Suggesting many more will be won over by their bold experimentation. Rad eh x

Alcopop! sign Waylayers... YESSSSSAAA

8th July 2014

Waylayers are pretty damn awesome - and when we say 'pretty damn', we mean 'exceptionally'. Proudly representing in the top 100 of the US Billboard charts and the top 50 of the iTunes Alt Top with their last EP (yeah, thatís pretty awesome, right) - these boys are EXCITING!

WE SIGN EMPEROR YES!!! Clash Magazine are pleased

5th July 2014

Emperor Yes are the eclectic space pioneer brainchild of London producer Ash Gardener, featuring a member of 3 Trapped Tigers, and the most handsome Hugo in town. We're VERY pleased to welcome them on board the good ship Alcopop!

ALCOPOPALOOZA STRIKES AGAIN! 5th July: Brixton Windmill...

4th July 2014

It's back. The hottest day of the year (in terms of atmosphere, rather than weather.) We get to take on Brixton Windmill with the FINEST line up know to man. Yup! You should definitely come...

New Acollective video - The Happiest of All Memorial Days

9th June 2014

An imaginative blend of jazz, post-rock, folk and electronica, they draw influence from the likes of Beck, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens and Paul Simon, but make no mistake - they're a band that sound like no other. 'Happiest Of All Memorial Days' is no exception....

Malcopop sent to Europe

2nd June 2014

Katie Malco is the best, so it's kinda unfair when she spends most of her time in the UK. Sorry Europe. So from yesterday, she's coming to bring a tour so spectacular to your doors you'll never breathe the same again!

Brawlers have a nice day in Music Week/ Kerrang and Radio 1

28th May 2014

Featured in Music Week, Kerrang and played on Radio One all within a few hours it's been a good'un today for the lads from Leeds... "With punk rock this punchy it's no surprise they call them Brawlers"... Well said Kerrang, well said!

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