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Dream Nails album is sensational - and we demand you listen to it :-)

Sounds a bit OTT right, but this Dream Nails album is fucking essential. A big full explosion of feminist punk ragejoy endorsed by, well, pretty much everyone. Adressing vital issues, this album contains sick surf riffs, melody to die for and ALL the fun. Do it. Do it now.  

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So you bought an Art Brut vinyl for Record Store Day!!! Awesome

You'll probably want to know who drew your sleeve. Well - kick on and you'll find out. Not every listing is complete. A few people wanted to remain anonymous and some don't have much of an online presence... But each of these was drawn by a real person, and they're all ace. As are you :D If you can, pop 'em a line - say hello. Oh, and thanks for buying. Enjoy! For us, this is the best version of Modern Art EVER. 

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Snow Coats shimmer back with yet more pop lovliness

You know when you hear that perfect song! The one that makes you want to go out, pass your driving test and hire/ buy/ borrow or steal (actually - probably don't do that) a car, purely so you can drive all of your pals around playing it to them with a knowing smile on your face all like... Yeah! This is the one. This is the band! Well, here are Snow Coats - a very new addition to the Pop roster and a bloody good one at that. Since bursting onto your speakers with Pool Girl, they've lauded attention from Jack Saunders (R1), John Kennedy (Radio X), Clash, Spotify, Apple Music, lodsa' BBC Intro stations, Kink - and it's easy to see why! 

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We've signed Queen Zee's new project - Introducing TOKKY HORROR!

Caution: If you've got a bout of seasonal summer laziness on, this will wake you the HELL up. We're very proud to announce the signing to the label of the sensational new Tokky Horror, AKA AVA AKIRA, MOLLIE RUSH & ZEE DAVINE (ex Queen Zee vocalist) - who bring a big ol' taste of punk rock, dance infused power tok to proceedings... First single is HUGE and out now. It's called Girl Racer, and we'd heartily suggest you listen to it immediately. There's going to be a lot happening with this band, including a headline show at the 350 cap Future Yard in Birkenhead to get excited about. Live music eh, remember that?

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Ditz debut vinyl release AND new single!

You've heard Ditz, right? Well. If you haven't may we earnestly suggest you should. We signed them back in the radiant summer of 2019 (when all was right*ish* with the world) and they're bloody brilliant is what they are. The Line of Best Fit went all cock-a-hoop about their last single ''imposing and unrelenting, vocalist Cal punctuates his deadpan, distracted delivery with passages of furious screams, mirrored in the track’s tense noise-rock aesthetic, as groaning guitars and a rolling drumbeat similarly erupt in pointed sonic assaults.' Well. Now they're releasing their first slab of wax, featuring their first 3 singles, one sassy new one  and an OUTRAGEOUS cover of Peaches' 'Fuck The Pain Away' - previously released on a moulding peach *true story* It's, at the time of writing, still available on pink vinyl <3

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