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"There are five new songs on it,"quips Whyte, when asked about the new record"We wrote a lot of stuff and discarded a lot of stuff – the five songs you’ll hear are the ones that made the cut. Most of the lyrics were written while we were invading Europe in a van on tour with Trash Talk, so a lot of it’s about cabin fever and fatigue and intoxication and stuff."

After a heavy live schedule that's seen them ploughing all over the globe for the past five years at a whole host of festivals, dive bars and then increasingly larger venues, the Youth Man touring experience has been an intense pressure cooker of an environment which has added fuel to the fire of their often anxious, twitching agitpunk.

What would be rather sensible right now would be to 

i) Pre-order the EP from our online store, with the option of a pretty magnificent shirt to go with it

ii) Book yourself a ticket to come see them with Haggard Cat and Patrons at the Lexington on Sunday... 

It seems as if the Youth Man of 2018 is a very different beast to the one that's gone before - moving to a new label, with a refocused approach to songwriting and a keen desire to widen and deepen their sound, are they now presenting the most distilled version of the band we've heard to date? "We absolutely are distilling our sound," they state emphatically."We’re really, really bored with just making bangy shouty music all the time. Miles was still in the band whilst we were recording and mixing the record, and between the three of us we just wanted to make something that would sound wicked coming out of your speakers. A sonic adventure, if you will."

And on that note,Five Songs - with it's gospel choirs, African percussion, rhythm and blues drawl, and disparate jazz influences - is about as adventurous as it gets for what was once a punk band from Birmingham, and is now becoming a constantly evolving, unknowable pleasure with each new release.