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ART BRUT are delighted to announce that they will be reissuing their seminal 2005 album Bang Bang Rock & Roll on Alcopop! Records x Fierce Panda, released on 3rd April 2020. To celebrate the album release, the band are popping to Hamburg and Berlin in April 2020 to perform the album in full, but first come their UK tour dates with The Subways, which begin this week and run throughout March 2020.

Commenting on the news, front man Eddie Argos says: “It feels great to be rereleasing this album on vinyl, and not just because the prices for the original on eBay were getting stupid. Some of these songs were so immediate and spontaneous that they contain thoughts that popped into my head as we recorded them. I’m proud that they have withstood 15 years of scrutiny and we still get to blast them out with complete joy in our hearts. Roll on Berlin and and Hamburg—I can’t wait to rock the fuck out. Hooray.”

Almost 15 years to the day since it dropped back in 2005, all of the album tracks have been remastered and are sounding even better than before. The reissue comes with an exclusive new emotional foreword written by Bella Union’s Ezra Furman, a long-time fan who describes Bang Bang Rock & Roll as “an essential punk record” which “saved rock’n’roll from being something that belongs in a museum or a magazine”. Available either on gold or more traditional black vinyl, the special edition gatefold record comes with an unreleased (on vinyl) secret track ‘Subliminal Desire for Adventure’ and a host of extra unreleased tracks ‘Brutlegs and B-Sides’ available on the download card.

The inner sleeve has been crafted with a wonderful selection of photographs and memories from the recently formed society of ‘Art Brut Historians’—a loose collective of fans and friends who’ve been there from the start. A genuinely seminal record, Pitchfork included the album in their list of Top 200 albums of the 2000s, and fan favourites like ‘Modern Art’, ‘Formed a Band’ and ‘Emily Kane’ have been staples for awkward indie disco dancers to groove to ever since. Remind yourself <3