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We have signed yet another another great band with our friends at Failure By Design Records! Here's a little introductory interview with the lovely singer Joey Ashworth!


Hello  Joey, would you introduce us to the band, tell us what they do and what's their party trick?

Joey: Well there is myself, Joey!

Job: Singer
Party trick: I can name the entire membership of almost every band signed to Fuelled By Ramen from 2006-2013 but, to be honest, I think most of our fans can too so that's probably not that impressive.

Job: Drumming, backing vocals
Party trick: Sean's like, really good at drums. Like really good.

Job: Guitar
Party trick: There are people who have known Josh for years without him ever really speaking a full sentence to them. If that's not magic I don't know what is.

Job: Singing, samples
Party trick: Yesterday Holly told me about a game where you put honey in someone's belly button then poke it. The game is called 'sticky buttons'. Is that a trick or is that just demented? I don't like it.

Job: Bass
Party trick: Ollie is secretly really into Star Trek, so just ask Ollie about that and you'll get into some real issues.

Job: Guitar
Party trick: Lex is very sweet in that his party trick could well be explaining to us how to be in a band and do stuff because he's done a lot of this stuff before. But actually he's so lovely in that he genuinely seems stoked to be part of the ride. Obviously he will give advice because it would be silly not to, but he doesn't act like an ass when we're really useless. Lexy's party trick is being a good bean.

Job: Keyboard
Party trick: Connor can disappear for weeks at a time but always be at the venue in time for soundcheck. He is an enigma, and I love him more than he'll ever know.

Alcopop What an awesome bunch! What's your guilty food pleasure?
Joey  I've tried a lot of different diets, I've been vegan, I've been vegetarian, and now I just keep loosely kosher. I would like to be vegetarian but the thing that often holds me back is South London's incredible commitment to good chicken shops. I am a sucker for fried chicken etc., and I truly hate myself for it - that's guilt, right?! Hopefully we can do this interview again in a year and my answer will be 'nothing' but right now it is chicken in all its forms.

Alcopop  Sad to say, you can't beat a dirty fried chicken. What's your guilty pleasure album?
Joey I'm not sure I have one? I don't really believe in it, I think you like it or you don't. I feel like a lot of people in the scene would probably something mildly campy like ABBA etc, but honestly I am too camp not to wear my love of those bands on my sleeve. I honestly feel more guilt for the stuff I don't like! Like, I feel guilty for not really being into Nirvana. I wish I was, I really do, but it's so soaked in to pop culture now that it honestly feels like advertising jingles to me. I guess I could feel guilty for listening to an artist who was abusive or nasty in some way, but in general once that happens, they're off the fucking playlist, no streams from me.

Alcopop  Might have a rough idea who you're referring to there. Would you rather go bowling with Trump or Kim Jong Un? And why?
Joey I mean for me it's about who it would be funnier to beat. Honestly, I think that probably when it comes down to who would throw the biggest hissy fit it has to be Trump. They're both spoiled, but a spoiled rich American? Oh boy - that's a meltdown you wanna see.

Alcopop Bear in mind, Kim has got a furious tendency to throw his opponent down the angry dogs pit. Who's your fav alcopop act?
Joey:Not fair! Am I allowed to say Johnny Foreigner or is that not allowed because we have Lex in the band now? Spook School? Happy Accidents? Us?? What can I say that doesn't piss anyone off?

Alcopop Your interview, you are allowed to say (almost) anything you want... Best live band you've ever seen?
 Joey Anamanaguchi. Wait nah Self Defense Family, but I'm only saying that cos I haven't got to see Idles yet. No, all wrong - final answer, definitive answer, mewithoutYou. Every time.

Alcopop If you could slap your younger self, what would it be for?
Joey Mistaking so many romances for bromances, and letting myself be talked into it.

Alcopop Complete this sentence: Roses are red, violets are blue...?
Joey I'm typing alone/but I'm talking to you :)

Alcopop Beautiful! Describe Itoldyouiwouldeatyou with the name of a movie
Joey Coffee and Cigarettes

Alcopop Last but not least, what can we expect from you guys in the near future?
Joey We are writing and recording a lot. We have a 7" coming out with Alcopop and Failure By Design Records. We will be going on tour and being kind to each other in a town near you! Then, later, much much more.


Welcome to the family Itoldyouiwouldeatyou, keep your eyes opened and your ear to the ground for some more news!