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Whatever you want to call that smashing up of songs and then stitching the bits back together, Tubelord do it, and they do it very well indeed” said the BBC… So when we were offered the chance to repress one of the greatest alt albums of a generation Our First American Friends, we thought we’d go for broke. Getting a pretty much priceless test pressing from Dave (Tubelord), we did the only acceptable thing, smashing it into many pieces and sending it to our pressing plant who pressed the fragments into the new records. Therefore – each of the special pressings (ltd to 250) have a piece of the original vinyl dusted into the discs in splatter form.

It may be a repress – but what it contains is from those 2009 glory days - and the tracks are better than ever. Also available on see-thru yellow (also ltd to 250). 500 only ever to be pressed by us. Thanks to Hassle, BSM and most importantly, Tubelord, for being cool with the plan. You can get it HERE – but be quick. I reckon this one might go swiftly >>>>

Dave of the band said "The whole process of creating an album as a band, including all of the hidden politics and behind-the-scenes decisions with regards to record labels / artwork choices etc. really opened my eyes to the reality of what being a band is like on a day to day basis and I feel extremely lucky to have experienced that. I’m really proud of what we created all those years ago, and even though the band never quite reached the heady heights we felt capable / deserving of (sarcasm of course) I’m pleased with the trajectory that the record set us on. With regards to the repressing, I hope there are a few aged math fans left out there that dig this. I still have one test pressing left of OFAF so let's see how this goes and hopefully in another 20 years we can do another run and all retire filthy rich on the earnings."

I first remember being properly aware of Tubelord when Kev Big Scary Monsters put out that amazing Feed Me A Box of Words EP as part of his meet and greet singles club. We’d released the singles club before that I think (with Sam Isaac) as a BSM/Alcopop! release – so I was naturally interested in what was coming next. I bought two copies from him as he promised me it was an absolute blinder, and listened to Night of The Pencils over and over again >>> He was bloody right wasn’t he!