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Record Store Day. So often referred to as the home of the major label reissue and the £19 one track 7”. But here in our little indie corner of the world we’re shaking things up. Shaking things up with a brightly coloured paintbrush.

Ever the fans of the brash, artistic statement – we’ve teamed up with long term label loves Art Brut to reissue a brand new version of 2005 indie megahit (in terms of legacy rather than chart positions mind) ‘Modern Art’... With a 16 minute, as live ‘Berlinische’ version of the single crammed onto a black and red splatter 7” (named after the German modern art gallery it was recorded round the corner from). So far, so RSD.

But here’s where it gets interesting. After an idea from Alcopop! collaborator Rhi Lee (of Rhi Lee Design fame) we’ve taken each one of the 300 sleeves, and asked a different person to ink each one to their own specifications with a simple brief inspired by the song’s lyrics: JUST DO IT UP WITH ART THAT MAKES YOU WANT TO ROCK OUT.

Amongst fans, family, friends and members of the band across the world crafting some next level artistic creations, there’s some interesting names amongst the assembled artists – with the likes of Frank Black, John Cooper Clarke, Dev from Idles, Ian Burden of the Human League, Eddison Tollett from Game of Thrones, David Devant, Tess Parks and members of The Manic Street Preachers, TIGERCUB, Gaffa Tape Sandy and Cheerbleederz all doing wonderful things.

One sleeve was even being produced moments before the artist gave birth to her first child!!! Whether little Saskia garners the same fame as the kid from Nevermind we’re yet to ascertain. Meanwhile, a record store in Southampton is having a sleeve painting party, while Bridport music centre is getting stuck in with an art class to create some awesome sleeves. This one is all about art, music and community, inviting people to be part of a vinyl celebration.

On purchasing the record, punters will be able to check the Alcopop! website on RSD morning, crosscheck their release number and see which talented individual put together the artwork in their hands. Fancy a Cooper Clarke original one off hanging in your living room for the price of a reasonably priced 7”? You got it…

The last couple of sleeves are still available to paint before Jack Alcopop! has to unleash his rubbish art on them – but be quick. They need to be back with the label by next Friday if you want to get involved… Hit us up >> [email protected]