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Oh Freeze the Atlantic. Truly one of Alcopop’s! longest-serving, and a bloody magnificent band full of 2 parts Reuben, 1 part Hundred Reasons – and (over the years) several other members from all over. If memory serves we started working with this lot in 2011, and it’s been a really nice time ever since. We kicked off with the Colour by Numbers EP (which came free with some crayons on every sleeve - natch), and in the ensuing years, put out 3 full-length albums, a couple more Eps and a slew of rather attractive shirts.

Well, their time has come and gone – and the band are bowing out with a HUGELY awesome final show at one of our favourite ever venues, The Westy in Aldershot, on Saturday. It will be a tremulous affair no doubt, and we’re told to expect hit after m**fucking hit! Which got us thinking about quite how many hits FTA have had over the years. In terms of official chart rules we guess effectively nil, but in terms of huge magnificent bangers, it’s a lot – a whole HELL OF A LOT!

So to celebrate the farewell to FTA, and remind you all of the good times – we’ve put together this playlist that will dabble a little in what has come and gone, with a mix of arguably our favourite Freeze the Atlantic songs over the years. We’ve also gone an put a bloody sale on, so you can pick up some of the ace FTA records for a, quite frankly, ludicrous price. Then all that’s left to do, is don your tear-stained Freeze shirt and get down The Westy on Saturday. One last time…