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What bloody great news this is! The Alternative Rock band from Nottingham has joined the family and we're delighted! We caught up with the guys for a quick intro, Alcopop! style.


Alcopop Hello gang! Give us a quick introduction, name, age, what instrument you play, and what's your favourite flavour ice cream.


Cai Hey I’m Cai, I’m 23, I play the guitar, I sing and my teeth are too sensitive for ice cream. 

Lucy Hi I’m Lucy, I’m 22 years old, I’m the bassist and I also sing. I can’t eat ice cream because I’m lactose intolerant.

Lawrence Hey I’m Lawrence, I’m 22, I play the drums and only have time for choc ice.


Alcopop How long have you guys been playing together?


Cai About 8 years! We met when we were wee children in school and we sucked real hard for a long long time.


Alcopop Well that's definitely not the case anymore! What's the last band tee you each acquired? 


​Cai Mine is from a band who supported us in Spain for for a few shows called ‘Los Manises’ they were super cool dudes.

Lucy A Beck t shirt!

Lawrence Lucy gave me a The Birthday Party shirt not long ago.


Alcopop I get a lot of Unwound vibes in your music, who else helped you build that signature sound of yours?


Cai The whole Dischord Records / Touch n Go Records scene really influenced me early on in my guitar playing and song writing. It was when I heard bands like Fugazi that i began to try and rework that typical Alt sound into something you can absolutely groove down to. 


 Alcopop Lucy, I know you're a big Simpsons fan, what's your favourite episode and character ever?


Lucy Being a huge Beatles fan as well I absolutely adore the Homers Barbershop Quartet (the Be Sharps episode) from season 5. “Baby on Board” is a certified banger. It also has little cameo from George Harrison that always makes me smile! My favourite character is definitely Bart, I actually have a tattoo of him on my leg! 


Alcopop That's one of our fav too! Love that McCartney cameo too. Loz, we love your art! Are you still drawing and are you going to be in charge of the artwork again?


Lawrence I'm drawing more than ever now! It's finally crept out the realm of only drawing for the band. How's that tattoo design i drew up for you coming up by the way? Haha. And yeah i'm totally in charge, otherwise we'd use nothing but Simpsons themes and medieval tapestries.


Alcopop Cai, i haven't seen you guys play for a while, is the sexy white Strat back out the closet?

Cai Hell yeah it is. I got temporarily blinded by a Yamaha but now my beautiful baby is back in my arms.


Alcopop That has made our day. What's your top album of 2018 so far? 

Cai The new Suuns and DRINKS records for sure. Lucy’s very excited for the new Father John Misty album. 


Alcopop Expectations are high considering the last album he released! You guys are on tour with Drenge, how did that come about? Also please Lucy don't break your leg this time, pretty please.


​Cai They’re mates from way back when in the early days of both of our bands. They came down to our Sheffield show on the last tour and asked us then! 

Lucy Not promising anything, I look good on a pair of crutches 


Alcopop What do you like most about Alcopop! other than me or Jacko ?

Cai We just love the way you guys go about what you do. Everyone is so lovely, supportive and dedicated. 


Alcopop Give us your dream rider

Cai Just a couple lemons 


Alcopop You know what we say about life giving us lemons at Alcopop! My recurring question, would you rather go bowling with Trump or Kim Jong Un?


​Cai Who are they? 


Alcopop Good dodge. Last but not least, what can we expect from you in the near future?


​Cai A new album some new videos and gigs and the usual band stuff that bands do. 


Well now you've got it, welcome to the fantastic Kagoule, and keep your eyes peeled for gigs and announcements, we predict a riot!

In the meantime, go and listen to the fabulous new Bad Saliva single, and go give them some love on socials. They are also on a UK tour with Drenge starting April 26 in London!