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Following singles that grapple with the big issues of the day such as gender, sexuality, and politics, the album dives headlong into the issues and ideas that we’re all dealing or have dealt with, showing the band’s ability to be at once angry and loving, violent and fragile, and move through the genres of emo, math-rock, lo-fi indie, and punk seamlessly.

Spurred on by a desire to re-engage with the world - jump back onto that sofa if you will - vocalist Joey Ashworth says they had been ‘hiding’ and needed to remember the good stuff outside of a stuffy house. The album strikes ‘the balance of ‘informed naiveté—to remain open hearted, uncynical and prepared for the worst.’

Well, we’re prepared for the best, having heard this new record. We suggest you grab your nearest and dearest and give it a spin. Oh Dearism is available now

Or stream here: 

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