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It’s been a long time. Nigh on 17 odd years, since Art Brut launched their rock journey proper at the now defunct Verge in Old Kentish Town, and we think it would be fair to say that through a fine old handful of albums, a veritable cavalcade of shows across the globe and no end of controversial, ridiculous, beautiful and magical moments… Eddie and co. have bought feelings. Emotions. SOMETHING to a load of people. Perhaps you?

So, deep in the lair of team Alcopop! X Art Brut (imagine some kind of dystopian Hooch stall meets Mojo Jojo’s monstrous hideout) something awesome is deep in the planning. Something that may well fill you full of joy next year. It may not, but we’re giving it a go anyway.

To put it simply, we need your help! ‘Cos we’re on the lookout for Art Brut Historians (perhaps one day to be termed Brutorians. History will judge as it will) to share with us some of the memories of all those Formed A Band/ DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake/ Sealand/ Awkward Breakfast moments of the past and pretty recent present. Whether it be lurid images, hastily scrawled memories, voicenotes detailing long lost stories of Art Brut sass or whatever – we’d love you to share them with us… Preferably by email to [email protected], or by post if you’d rather <3

Also, to thank you for your time, your involvement back then and your vision and clarity when all around you was well-sozzled and no doubt partying WAY too hard – we’ve commissioned Rhi Lee to create a limited edition enamel pin badge which, dear Brutorians (see it’s happening already) are free with love from us to you.

All you need to know is impart your Art Brut memories, then send us an SAE – I know, how 3 Alveston Place right – and we’ll send you a badge marking you out as a true scholar in the annals of indie pop history circa 2004 – 2020. These will be limited to 100 (we’ll let you know when they run out), and they will never be sold. Better than a Blue Peter badge (probably even the gold one), these babies are earnt.

Two last things. The address for the SAE is below*, and ideally we’d like to reuse your content on the thing happening next year, so if we can’t for whatever reason, let us know.

Thank you so much

Let the age of Art Brut history be truly upon us <3  



c/o Alcopop! Records

16 The Green