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Basically - one of our favourite venues in the world is Le Pub in Newport. It's run by some sensational people who really give a shit about everything they put on. They pay the guarantees they offer (however many people turn up), they work with great bands, they help people out and they bleed for the local Newport community. It's the kind of venue we should all support. So we decided to move there for our Christmas Party. You in? 

We've got Spook School headlining (hurrah), The Darling Buds, Nervus and Clarity all playing - and there is a very special present for the first 50 people to buy tickets - so get on it. Appreciate that it may be far away for a lot of you - and I promise we'll have cool stuff all over the country next year - but if you can, it will be the BEST! Tickets are here:

Happy Christmas <3