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December 09, 2019

Art Brut Historians Needed

It’s been a long time. Nigh on 17 odd years, since Art Brut launched their rock journey proper at the now defunct Verge in Old Kentish Town, and we think it would be fair to say that through a fine old handful of albums, a veritable cavalcade of shows across the globe and no end of controversial, ridiculous, beautiful and magical moments… Eddie and co. have bought feelings. Emotions. SOMETHING to a load of people. Perhaps you?

So, deep in the lair of team Alcopop! X Art Brut (imagine some kind of dystopian Hooch stall meets Mojo Jojo’s monstrous hideout) something awesome is deep in the planning. Something that may well fill you full of joy next year. It may not, but we’re giving it a go anyway.

To put it simply, we need your help!

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November 22, 2019

Cheerbleederz are BACK!

cheerbleederz are the best. That is just a fact. Which is why we're QUITE SO delighted that they're announcing their return with news of their second EP lobotany, which is set for a 7th February 2020 release on Alcopop! Records. Further details will be revealed over the coming months (look for them. Cast your eyes to the SKIES!). As a taster of the new material, the band have today released a new track ‘say 2 u’—the lead single from the new record, and the first to be written by the band since their 2018 debut EP faceplant. It's f**king GREAT!

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