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August 29, 2019

False Advertising Sign to Alcopop! We get excited!

We've only gone and signed the coolest three-piece in Manchester - False Advertising!

After various band member arrangements and ad-hoc instrument swapping, False Advertising have settled into one of the most exciting groups on the scene, and we're psyched to have them on board. We're getting goosebumps just thinking about their upcoming debut album 'Brainfreeze', out 8th November which you can get here.

This band is about connecting with people, but it’s also a very personal catharsis. With ‘Brainfreeze’, I really want people to feel like it’s inclusive. It’s not just our tirade against the world, we want people to feel welcome in the way they experience this band.” - Jen

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July 18, 2019

Gaffa Tape Sandy Tour Is Better Than Pizza

You know that old saying, ‘the best thing since sliced bread’? Well we think that a slice o’ pizza > slice o’ bread. And a slice of punk rock > slice of pizza. After all, who has time for pizza when you’re consuming high-octane sounds all day every day? Anyway, the point is you can now get in on this portioning up of the dish du jour, ‘cause baby, Gaffa Tape Sandy are heading out on tour!

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