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OhBoy! are from Northampton, England and love a little local history. Almost immediately upon meeting the fly 5-piece from The LA of the East Midlands they were quick to elucidate… (NB – Jack Pop used to live there, he knew it all but you gotta be polite, right) It’s a town that was once known the world over for being the home of British shoe manufacturing (the local football team is still known as The Cobblers), but that’s mostly all gone now. The shoe factories are now apartment buildings, housing the commuters that make the hour or so train journey into London everyday. Jay calls it the ex-industrial heartland of the UK. If you stick a pin in the middle of England on a map, that’s Northampton; both physically and metaphorically right in the middle. Not awful, but not spectacular.

Living slap bang in the middle however – does allow OhBoy! All sorts of access to shows, and to shows they go… Rocking a stack of tours and festivals all over the UK including The Great Escape, Trust Fest, Camden Rocks and Glastonbury, they have also been filling the airwaves full of hits – with Steve Lamacq, Huw Stephens and John Kennedy all jumping heartily on board. As a band, they’re pretty independent; OhBoy! engineer everything themselves. Jay’s gotten pretty good at sticking a mac on something and pressing the record button. Which is useful.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re no chefs, but if you ask OhBoy! If they were a dessert, the recipe would probably look something like this:
1 x carton of Teenage Fanclub;
2 x large spoonfuls of The Pixies;
Just a squeeze of The Lemonheads;
Whisk with a fuzz pedal until thick, then sandwich between Pavement and Yo La Tengo. Pop it in the fridge overnight, and serve with just a sprinkle of Britpop.

Can’t argue with that really, can you? x





Hey Princess


ALCOPOP151 - JUL 2016

Carrot and the Stick


ALCOPOP132 - JAN 2016