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Alter the Press Lead the Way in streaming albums

Try before you buy, take a good long ‘listen’ at the merchandise and give your ears a treat is what we all say (actually we don’t, it would probably make us sound like c**ts).

Nonetheless, that’s exactly what you can do at Alter the Press right now with Wolf Am I’s new album ‘Lead the Way’… Yup, the best music blog this side of Nottingham has decided to stream the entire album track by track. It’ll only be up till Monday though! To hear it, pop on over to their lovely site and, if you like it, you can come back and buy it from our shop, iTunes – or all those boring e-tailers who won’t send you a badge or sticker or two with your purchases…

Also, for a little more WAI goodness, why not check out their review over on the Music Magazine, and a super piece that our pals at Come Pick Me Up blog have lovingly put together (they’re SO ace). The sun is shining, summer booze is flowing – it’s time for WAI!

Wolf Am I’s Lead the Way out today…

Alter the Press said it is a superb record, with a deep, personal lyrical style that is pulled off incredibly well. The 405 suggested that it is “an impressively powerful affair” whilst Rock Sound gushed that the record “is delicious as it mimics Brand New. Impressive.”

But enough of this magazine-based love… For what is more important is that Lead the Way is, as of today, available for all of you types who love digital. Bang. iTunes. Bang. Emusic. Bang – all the other places you might fancy dashing too to pick up this record online…

Or you can get it with thick, lush cardboard gatefold from us, and rock out to one hell of a handsome record… You’ve seen the Glasgow Seven video right? Well if not, watch it here….


For fans of The Get Up Kids, Brand New and the X-Certs – WAI in Rocksound

Jesus – our bands have been busy the last couple of weeks! Where to begin I wonder, but just about manage to settle on Wolf Am I… Firstly to announce that the winner of the tickets to their London show and CD single is Thomas Smith with his answer to the question ‘what would you call your pet wolf should you be lucky enough to have one’ – Wolveritus the second. Nice one…

Even more importantly though is the band’s coverage in Rocksound this month, which is nothing short of fuc*in’ awesome (click on the Exposure image to see a bigger, more readable pic). For fans of the X-certs, The Get up Kids and Brand New works for me…. Go pre-order here (oh, and we’re down to the last few album/tee deals, so if you fancy one of those, get on it quick)