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New Freeze the Atlantic single up for presale!

Oh those lovely lads. 1 part Reuben, 1 part Hundred Reasons, and 3 parts other insanely talented rock and roll moguls – Freeze the Atlantic are back, and to use a Liverpoolism – ‘bosser than ever’. It’s been a while coming since the last EP dropped almost a year ago, but with the odd line up change, and much work being done on the album – one can forgive them. So with a tour of Ireland with those strong lads in Fighting with Wire on the cards, we thought we better drop an enhanced CD single (2 tracks and 1 video) of new song Volcanoes.

Oh and by gum it’s good… You know what to expect when you take a look at the FTA heritage, and you get it in spades. Don’t get me wrong, this is no Reuben meets Hundred Reasons derivitive but it is a huge rock anthem. Don’t believe me? I’m offended, but have yourself a look at the video beneath you…

And then, should you feel the need, we’ve got the lovely digipack singles up for sale for just £2.50 in the shop. All limited to just 250 copies, the first 50 come fully signed by the band… Be reasonably quick though.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChVan3WFpP4]