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Ute better believe it… Old Grinding Young (free download)

Former stablemates, ever brothers, Ute were a classy bunch. Oxfordian gents by day, wretched drunkards by night – they co-existed in a magnificent haze, half melody, half tumultuous swathes of dark post rock terror… All fucking handsome! So it’s rather nice that 2/3 of the band (Ollie and Michael) have whipped us O-Towners into something of a frenzy by getting something new on. Old Grinding Young is the project name, and a track for free is their only output.

It’s definitely worth a listen… You can check it out over here – and the good news is that amongst deliciously crafted melodic ditties about incest, crumbling boats and tyranny – there’s a big, Innocent Tailor style murder ballad in the offing right now.

God I miss them, but this is hot new delicacy… Listen (and download free) right away!