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Stars and Sons to support Okkervil River in the UK

Good news in the Stars & Sons camp today, as management have confirmed that to support the new In the Ocean single – and happily for all of you in Norwich, Manchester, Wolverhampton, London and Brighton that they are to support Okkervil River on the UK leg of their tour.

The American band, who apparently “have the dusty feel of some long-lost precious thing you found in your attic” (Rolling Stone Magazine) – should go well with our Brighton-based pop hipsters, not least because they effortlessly provide the “high-octane excitement of getting something really awesomely new and shiny” (Jack Alcopop).

Meanwhile, you should definitely check out Pulled Apart by Horses. I saw them last night after trekking through a bleak, snowy London – with the handsome Kev BSM and a plastic bottle of Sprite/Dirty Vodka for company (pictured below), and they were great. Really rock n’ roll!

PS – Don’t eat KFC ‘molten chocolate puddings’, especially from the Baker Street branch.

1.) They’re far from Molten – tepid would be a more accurate description

2.) They’re full of greasy mange. Between every bite (of which there were few), a thin film of fatty filth congealed around each mouthful.

Also – you know Eddie Argos of Art Brut fame. Yeah, me too – and I’ve always thought he seemed like a cracking fella. Good news is he’s started a new blog where he paints a picture for every song that he’s ever written and will ever write, and writes pretentiously about them. Which I think is pretty damn cool. Here’s the work for the classic Formed a Band. I look forward to Guns of Milan…