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goFASTER>> soundtrack Hollyoak’s The Morning After the Night Before

Mentioned last week that goFASTER>> are now darlings of screen as well as stage, but I didn’t realise that they’re basically running the new Hollyoaks spin-off ‘The Morning After the Night Before’ (below)… and as Rich put it, ‘basically they’ve used the whole modern education EP to soundtrack the series!!’

Goodtimes is the theme tune, which is particularly ace – and the band themselves feature really heavily in a couple of the episodes… Their handsome faces shimmering on student union stages from beginning to end.

Apart from the fact they failed to get anyone from Alcopop a cameo (poor form boys) it’s all good – Josh (aka Sonny Flood) from the show says in an interview with lastbroadcast.co.uk “There’s lots of live gigs, Josh has a bit of a run in with a roadie. There are actual bands – Go Faster are very good, they’re a local Liverpool band, I think they have an EP, they’re definitely worth checking out.”

I concur Josh… I concur. Indeed it’s available in the Alcopop shop, or on iTunes next time you’re browsing. The only question now remains as to which member of goFASTER>> will be stripping off for the 2010 ‘Hollyoaks Hunks’ calendar. My money’s on Murphy!


goFASTER>> kick out the Flammable Leisurewear jams in Hollyoaks

Bad acting galore may have ensued around them, but the consummate goFASTER>> were, as ever, the height of rock n’ roll professionalism as they smashed the hell out of the students union in Hollyoaks last week – opening, as I’m reliably informed, for a band who ‘sounded like CSS’.

Playing their first single released on Alcopop ‘Flammable Leisurewear’ – the episode was aired on the 1st July, and goes further to ensuring their scouse legendary status. I especially like the line ‘how’s your crotch’…

If you’re reading this today, or in the next few days you can watch the epic appearance over on 4OD around 5 minutes through the July 1st episode, but if you’re years into the future looking back – wondering where number 1 pop sensations goFASTER>> came from , then I’ve taken a really poorly rendered video of the appearance for your delectation and delight…

Enjoy -


goFASTER>> EP making the summer start early…!

Now currently landing on digital music platforms galore, on the shiny shelves of your favourite indie store – and of course fresh from the Alcopop shop (with a free 4 track EP if you’re very quick… Literally we’re down to the last 10 or so of these) – goFASTER>>’s magnificent debut EP ‘A Modern Education’ is out today, and already making it feel a lot like summer in Alcopop HQ.

The tracklisting for the EP is:
1. A Modern Education
2. Magazine Addiction
3. Good Times
4. You Better Watch Out
5. When the Last Note Sounds

And I guarantee you will love it! Not Ed described the musical treat thusly as “A delectable indie pop four piece from Liverpool who make music in the same lunch-box as Good Shoes and Look See Proof. The EP also has a Hot Club De Paris aura to it, in how the songs all entwine together like they have a big shoelace tied around them” – and I think he’s just about on the nail…. Take a listen to the scouse champs here, and get yourself a piece….

Oh – and don’t forget this EP is available as part of a ‘binge’ style mega-deal package with the My First Tooth EP and one of our rapidly dwindling red white crocodile on skateboard tees too… Ace! Get yourself truly alcopopped ;-)