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Free Elephants download – but is it big/little ears?

You are handsome poppers – that much is true… And while I sit in a wretched bus, stuck on a wretched road in London – wondering (just wondering) whether I made the wrong decision bailing on Reading vs. Newcastle at The Madjeski Stadium tonight (ps – I didn’t make the wrong decision – a smug Kev BSM and Joe Idle Hands after Coventry’s recent form would be quite the footballing trial)…

Either way though, I thought you might like this. Yup, it’s a free download from our most recent signing Elephants, ‘For Laika’ – a tour de force of a song that should furnish your eardrums with something pleasant for the next few minutes for sure as you no doubt wait expectantly for their first single out on Alcopop – ‘Strong Arms’, which will be handsomely touching down on 31st May alongside literally the coolest tour ever – which I’ll be announcing officially in the next couple of days.

However, this free download isn’t quite as easy as normal – and I thought it might be fun to play a little guessing game. Below you will see two pictures of Elephants… One is African and reveals the download, whilst the majestic Indian fellow hides something so deliciously sweet that you may be brought to cry saccharine tears of sugar-candy (which will no doubt be embarrassing in a public place)! Choose carefully….

Candle Thieves interviewed and another free MP3

 As if Wolf Am I giving away Lex Talionis wasn’t enough – it seems that The Candle Thieves have only gone and added to the aceness of this week, by offering a free song for you all. You see, they’re giving away a free download of our song http://www.musicglue.com/thecandlethieves. “It was recorded around the time of the forthcoming EP but it won’t be appearing on there, or the album so it’s the only place you’ll find it.”

Go for it – its ace!

Meanwhile, some chaps at a blog called beat surrender have been busy interviewing them too – asking them a whole heap of questions, including “You’ve signed to Alcopop Records, did you have other offers and what drew you to that label in particular?” To which Scott said…

“Well we kind of knew straight away they were perfect for us, it was all done very quickly! I was a massive Midget fan growing up, and the label’s inspired by them, and then to have Andy Hawkins (Midget bass player) produce our record, it all just seem to fit. And they add this really cool personal touch to their records, like their compilation in a bottle with a little treasure map, we love that! In a world of downloading and what not it’s awesome to have physical CD’s done in different ways.”

Aw… Thanks lads x

You can read the rest over here….


Alcopop expecting… Free MP3

Like a pregnant mother heavy with child about to go into labour, there’s excitement afoot at Alcopop HQ as on Monday we announce our third summer signing to join the family. Wolf Am I and The Candle Thieves are settling in just nicely with everyone else and we just know our new boys will too.

Look out for the official announcement on Monday, but until then we’d like to give all of you chaps a little taster of what’s to come. So if you’d like a free MP3 of ‘the new boys’ – just drop us a line on info@ilovealcopop.co.uk or @ilovealcopop on Twitter and we’ll send you a link to download the track straight away. Just keep it under your hat till Monday yeah ;-)

keep it under your hat