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So we’ve signed MATT PRYOR (of TGUK)

Been shouting about this all over the place, so many apologies if you’re already bored with the news :-) – but as a kid who grew up listening to Vagrant bands, most notably idolising The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day and Dashboard Confessional – this has been something of a massive thing for me personally…. See – we’ve just recently hooked up with the fine champs at Equal Vision, and signed bloody Matt Pryor. Handsome devil, and lead singer of aforementioned TGUK!

Working with him in the UK, we’re putting his brand new album (Wrist Slitter) out on CD and lovely UK exclusive blue/black marbled 12”.  It’s a fantastic record (far more upbeat than the title would suggest), reminiscent of the finest work of the Get Up Kid’s… You gotta have a listen just below here…! Vice’s Noisey blog was all over it, with a cool interview here – and there’s a free download on Rolling Stone (oh, sure!)

Also, we’re getting him over to tour in February, which is kinda more than exciting You can see him here>>>, and – catch you at the front yeah!

Matt Pryor UK Tour 2014

Johnny Foreigner vs Everything – up for pre order with 20 page comic + PoP only glow in the dark tee!

SO it’s finally here (well to pre-order at least)! Johnny Foreigner’s third (and best we’d say) album yet – out on Alcopop! It’s been a long time coming and real emotional to boot. And now here it is, to unleash to a handsome world… AKA You!

It’s out on November 7th and called johnny foreigner vs Everything. It’s 17 (count em) tracks and I properly know you’re going to love it! Available from all your very favourite record shops and from the PoP Shop, each of the first 400 CDs we sell comes with a massively limited edition 20 page JoFo comic book designed by Lewes which just looks beautiful (we’ll let you know on the shop when those are still available) – or you can pay several more sheets and get a very VERY limited edition (to 100) JoFo glow in the dark tee shirt as well…

The tee is exclusive to PoP! You literally will not find it anywhere else, and it looks like this!

What’s more, if you’re coming to the shows too, you can bung in the Brum or London ticket too – and save yourself a pound or something. The super, smashing very PoP infused shows are as follows. Head to th PoP Shop to buy innit:


12th – London – Upstairs at the Garage, w/ Stagecoach, Screaming Maldini, My First Tooth + special guests

13th – Birmingham – the Flapper w/ Stagecoach, Screaming Maldini, Calories, Ace Bushy Striptease + Richard Burke

I also ought to point out to our readers from oversears, this is available worldwide, and we do have very reasonable shipping. However, if you’re in Japan or France, two wonderful labels Vinyl Junkie and Hip!Hip!Hip! respectively are working on the record. Love them. They’re epic! You’ll also notice they’re touring both these countries. Oh yeah…

Here’s a track for you to listen, or a link to check out all the options and buy if you like. Hurrah!

Ps = dear lovely vinyl junkies amongst you. Real sorry this one isn’t available for your slipmat yet. It’s not that we don’t appreciate records. We truly, TRULY do – but so much has gone into Alcopop’s end of 2011 (it’s been and being an explosively awesome time for us) that we can’t just outlay any more right now on another expensive record pressing (Alcokitten needs to eat!). That said, that’s not to say this won’t happen in the future if all goes well and we can afford it…. We lead with our hearts, but we can’t pay for records with ventricles (believe me, we’ve tried). Love you!

New Jumping Ships EP up for pre-order (and free download yo!)

Holllllaaaaa – as if draining the country dry of burritos and jager during their lengthy tour with LighGuides wasn’t enough, alt-rock 4 piece Jumping Ships are back and sounding bigger than ever! Unleashing brand new 6 track EP ‘Standard Bearer’ in mid-September with us boys in the PoP hood, you can pre-order it now all fresh and lovely in all of it’s splendid glory.

Sounding a bit like Hundred Reasons meets Reuben with a bit of epic big brash Lost Prophet style pop rock epic twinge about it (you can see why we liked them right), the Brighton 4-piece have had a remarkable summer, and this little beauty should just about top it off – and perfectly soundrack the ultimate autumnal romp, booting leaves about or playing conkers – or something like that ☺

But don’t take our word for it, oh no no… Or Rocksound (10/10), Big Cheese or Artrocker (not cos we’re liars or anything, but we’ve heard you poppers have the strongest of ears)… So take a listen to one of the brand new tracks from the EP below (and download it for free why not)…

And then purchase pre-order from the shop, or any of your favoured digital etailers, should you be so bold…
Jumping Ships will be rocking something of a launch celebration at Southsea Festival on the 17th September, and a proper full old homecoming celebration show in Brighton. South Coasters – take note x