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Stagecoach and their map to the freezer…

For anyone who has ever watched Stagecoach perform, caught the eye of their demon mandolin player, Tom, and wondered… I wonder what goes through his mind when he’s not picking jazzy hats or strumming his instrument of choice..? Well, with their entrance into the studio this weekend to record their new EP, forthcoming on Alcopop Records in July time, the answer seems obvious. Food, food, food.

And how do we know this? Well, one look at the tour diary that Tom is so deliciously updating each day, and you’ll note that but for a swift mention of Luka’s naked torso and the odd bit of playing an instrument or two – it’s all about the studio fodder on offer. A foodies dream if you will. “Day one starts badly when i allow Nick, Luke and John to go food shopping unsupervised. They return triumphantly with paper-thin ham in one of those packs that farts when you open it” he begins, quickly elucidating on the beverage situation

“Back inside I find an espresso maker tucked above the fridge freezer. Steam spurts in an exciting manner through a chrome pipe, before dripping coffee into the bowl I have positioned beneath due to absence of mini espresso mugs.” Well, quite.

To keep an eye on how Stagecoach are feasting over the next couple of days, and something or other to do with recording, keep an eye on their blog – We can Bowl Again


Excellent poppers: Part 7 – Oliver of the 405

Traditionally, Christmas is about the family… Spending the day with loved (ish) ones around the fire getting boozed right? Well here at Alcopop things are no different, and while I can’t (sadly) say that I’m sharing a tipple with him right now… Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together in warm appreciation – because digitally at least it’s time to introduce you to another (albeit extended) member of Team PoP. This is excellent poppers part 7 – with Oliver Primus of webzine, events maestros and all round hip kids The 405.

Today we talk website plans, Kev BSM’s generic face and why China will hold the key to future sporting success:

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the 405 – why are you (both) so ace? Hello! My name is Oliver and I run The 405, alongside the help of a LOT of amazing people. As a person I’m ace because…nah just kidding. I’m particuarly proud of the site for it’s community spirit. We’re pretty much a big family now, full of people that have met online and subsequently met in real life (some of us anyway). I think we’ve got pretty good taste when it comes to music and I like that fact that we cover art/films too.

If you could have any Alcopop band play your funeral (god forbid), who would it be? I’ll go with pretty much my favourite band of this year, Stagecoach. I like to think my funeral would be full of joy and those guys, assuming I die old, would be an awesome band to see as old men. Plus Matt would probably dance a lot. That would be a bonus.

Who is the most reprehensible wretch of 2009 (worldwide)? Blimey, so many to chose from. I really dislike The Temper Trap. Maybe them or La Roux. Ohhhh. Black Eyed Peas and that stupid song they did. I could go on for days…

Recent comments on Deviant Art suggested Kev PoP/BSM had a totally generic face; something he vehemently denies. Which side of the argument do you take? It’s not that Kevin has a bad face. In fact he’s a very handsome chap but I can see what people are saying. That’s not a bad thing though right? It means he could probably commit an awful crime and pin it on someone else.

What plans do the 405 have in the coming year…?

Lots of lovely things! Our film night will continue at Puregroove, we’re doing a residency at The Good Ship sponsored by Last.fm, our new site design will be going up (It’s beautiful) and we plan on making the site even better. All good stuff I hope!

It’s 2040 and giraffe racing has become a top international sport. Which nation are world champions… ?

China will win. I fully expect them to own ALL the giraffes by the end of the financial year. When that happens they’ll probably rent out the lame giraffes to other countries in the hope that by the time giraffe racing does become big, they’ll be the only country with 0-60mph in 4 secs giraffes.

Thanks Oliver… Rad!

Stagecoach EP out now.. Now… NOW!

Plucked from the Surrey Hills, 5 piece Stagecoach write powerpop for BMX kids about the usual things – hot dogs, girls and cars… But gosh don’t they do it well. Harmonious, balls out indie rock with more hooks than an octopus said we, and We Got Tazers EP is out on Alcopop Records now!

Ole! say some.. Eat My Goal say others.. All are pretty set on one thing though, and that’s that the EP’s bloody ace. The first 100 all come with a lovely extra bonus disc of the EP too… It’s in black and white rather than vinyl look, but it’s there so that you can pass on the EP to your most musically competent pal – and share the love of Stagecoach around…

Brilliant times! Brilliant Stagecoach times that have been shared by some epic blogs as well – We always love Come Pick Me Up, they don’t come much more handsome than Rock Midgets, Musos Guide pwn, Winston’s Zen is literally the finest blog this side of Rumania, Another Form of Relief (kiss kiss kiss) and Belfast Calling are ace too.

In other less brilliant news though, I must apologise to anyone who hasn’t received their pre-order yet. They are now in the post but went out a couple of days late due to Jack PoP being temporarily homeless, and Kev being busier than a barrel load of monkeys who have just been set to a treadmill with not a moments rest for their tiny little monkey pins.

Many apologies xx