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Alter the Press Jan compilation featuring Screaming Maldini…

Alter The Press are generous souls alright. Pure of heart some may call them, others benevolent of spirit. So when they announce ‘oh you know, we’ve just released a carefully put together 16 track compilation featuring the likes of Tiger Please, Flood of Red and The Wonder Years’ one may not be surprised, but sure as hell grateful to download it forthwith. What’s even better is that PoP new boys (and girls) Screaming Maldini are bloody on it too. Which is awesome.

So to hear The Extraordinary by the magnificent Maldini, and 15 other super songs… Pop on over by clicking here – and revel in an evening of something for nothing. Kaboom!

Oh – and just in case anyone’s interested, I noticed on twitter today that Wichita Records are looking for a London-based intern… This would be an awesome thing to do. Drop em’ an email if you want in!

Tis the season of [their] awesome compilation

Autumn_Winter ArtworkWe heart Alter the Press – because not only are they a great music blog, bringing *SO* up to the minute news on bands and labels you actually care about, but also because they create compilations that are not unlike exploding planets – in that they’re very big, and very fuckin’ loud!

The compilation ‘Autumn/Winter 2009’ (alright – so it’s not very imaginatively titled but one can forgive that) includes tracks from first and foremost Alcopop’s very own Wolf Am I and Stagecoach – but also Epitaph Records’ Set Your Goals and Every Time I Die, breakthrough UK pop-punk band, You Me At Six, Welsh rockers Attack! Attack! and Brooklyn’s Kevin Devine.

On top of that, the compilation has tracks from many up and coming bands such as O’Brother, Kill Casino, Francesqa, Kyoto Drive and many more. And is well worth downloading – for listening to on the bus perhaps, or maybe on a dull cruise with your gran. What I’m saying is, it’s very versatile.

Download chaps, download…

Excellent Poppers part 5 – Sean Reid of Alter the Press

Today has been a pretty good day poppers… Not only have the majestic lad(s) at Cougar Microbes posted a lovely article about Alcopop, My First Tooth and goFASTER>> all at once, myself and Kev have had a magical time at our latest CD burning party (ahem) – but ‘Excellent Poppers’, the feature celebrating some of the finest gentlefolk involved (however remotely) in Alcopop has a part 5.

This time it’s Sean Reid, hero of the alternative scene and one of the Alter the Press writers (pictured), a website so up to date I’m pretty sure it has announced stuff before the bands themselves know what’s going on… Put simply, it’s a vital resource for anyone who wants to keep totally up to date with the alternative scene – and one that has supported Alcopop stirlingly over recent times.

Here’s his interview… Enjoy!

1.) Tell us a bit about Alter the Press – why should it be top of everyone’s RSS feeds?
Alter The Press! is a music webzine that mainly covers rock, punk, hardcore, pop-punk, indie and also a bit of hip-hop, electro and anything else we think is suitable for our site. It should be on RSS feeds because we try and keep up-to-date as possible, so it’s likely there is always something new to read on your feed. In addition to this, we’re always thinking of new ideas to add more depth to our site.

2.) Which bands do you feature on ATP that people get their clammy hands on immediately before they’re the biggest thing this side of all time?
Bayonets, The Auteur, MiMi Soya, The Motorcycle Industry and mewithoutYou. I also think Manchester Orchestra may grow in popularity this year.

3.) Who are your favourite Alcopop related band of all?
I really like goFaster>>. ‘A Modern Education’ is one of my favorite records I’ve heard this year. I also liked Cut The Blue Wire but unfortunatly they’re no more.

4.) Is Kenan a better role model than Kel – or does the orange soda swilling misfit have it sussed?
Kel because he loves orange soda and orange soda is simply awesome.

5.) How’s the compilation going? Have many downloaded it thus far?
The compilation has been great. I’m happy with the response it’s got and how well it’s came together. I think it’s had bout 300 plus downloads so far. I think we may do another one later this year.

6.) And finally, what’s your favourite other music blog out there?
I read a few music blogs, obviously I read Alcopop’s blog as well Big Scary Monster Records blog, Punktastic, Walnut Tree records, Sun On the Sand.net and Are You Fourlorn.com. I don’t really have a favourite, sorry.