Deep breath – We all love Screaming Maldini…(part 1)

But it’s not just us you know, and in the past few weeks there has been all sorts of love from all sorts of places for the boys and girls from Sheffield. And in a blog post (or two), I’m going to attempt to sum up just some of the kind words uttered by glorious people from super places.

The ace Folly of Youth shall start suggesting that “the band manage to confound expectations and continually surprise and delight”, whilst Alter the Press mark the record 4/5 and reckon that “If you are looking for Indie Pop that guarantees a good time and harks back to the golden age of pop, this is definitely for you.” Rock Midgets give the same score asking “Is that Hugh Hefner? Screaming Maldini’s are the house band? Awesome, someone get me a martini!”

Elsewhere (on Tumblr) Music Fans Mic mark the record 9.1 out of 10 and say “Good things lie ahead for Screaming Maldini, make no mistake”, and Clicky Clicky reckon the EP is “mind-bogglingly good”. This is Fake DIY agree suggesting “This eccentric cacophony is entirely over the top but like the youthful exuberance that radiates from these three students, it’s contagious.”

I think my very favourite quote of all though comes from the lovely Matt of Heckler Spray who sums it up for me… Perfectly! “Honestly, if we could pick a band to soundtrack our dreams where we float through the clouds and eat pieces of rainbow, it would be them.” Got it in 27 words!