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Kagoule ‘It’s Not My Day’ single, album pre-order, tour

Missed the bus, broke a shoelace, spilled coffee down your new Alcopop! Tee — best just to climb back into bed and accept your fate... while listening to the fantastic new single from Kagoule: ‘It’s Not My Day’ of course, and preordering their brand new record.

Another sweet sweet taste of their forthcoming (and now pre-order-able!) album Strange Entertainment, the trio prove that those ‘everything goes wrong’ days happen to everyone, and attempt to come to terms with reality in this latest offering. Cai mentioned in an interview with Clash Mag that at the time of writing the single ‘there were lots of changes happening...and I needed to remind myself to face up to them’.

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Kississippi is coming the UK - rejoice!

We love Kissississississ (if you just keep writing i's and s's you get there eventually...) We love Kississippi, even if her band name is hella hard to spell - but amidst the wonderful month of November, or tour month as we're calling it... Kagoule, Happy Accidents and Kississippi are all on big ol' mega-runs across the country, with plenty of our other acts playing lots of meaningful and wonderful shows all over!   

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Art Brut ‘Hospital’ video, album, tour

Don’t teach your grandma to suck eggs. But definitely get her to watch a video about one, if she’s cool and likes a bloody good song.

Latest signings and long-time legends Art Brut have just dropped a cracking video for new single ‘Hospital’ in which a delightfully fragile ‘Eggy Argos’ reflects on poor lifestyle choices, and dreams of a healthy and carefree existence outside of a sterile, wipe-down environment.

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Signed a band, we signed a band... Look at us - we signed a band!!

Bloody hell! Weve signed Art Brut haven't we... There are some super days embedded like diamonds in the ever-sparkly emerald face of Alcopop! history (that's what we're calling it anyway) - and this is one of them. We can't TELL you how long we've loved this band, and the new material is the best yet... We PROMISE you. So Art Brut announced a first show back at Boston Music Room that sold out in a few hours, but The Garage is on sale too. Check out the debut single... Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out <3

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Kagoule New Single Eating up Spotify, and UK Tour

What a nice summer its been, watching all sorts of Alcopop! heroes smashing up festivals (figuratively you understand. No literally. That would be annoying) - and from Nelson Can playing to 6,000 fans all singing along at Roskilde, to Happy Accidents selling out of EVERYTHING at Tramlines - thanks so much for turning out to see all our acts. Meanwhile in Nottingham-Land, Kagoule are getting ready for a brand new record, and the second single 'Egg Hunt' is out RIGHT NOW. 

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